Well, I guess there is the need for some kind of obligatory ‘opening statement’ when one begins a blog and opens themselves up to the court of public opinion…or is there? Regardless, I suppose I should make a couple of remarks to answer the obvious question, “Why does the world need another blog?” Let’s look at the question two in parts…

‘…the world…’ — If you’re a part of the world at large and just managed to stumble onto this site, you’ll probably be bored. I’m not putting my thoughts down here to entertain or amuse and am certainly not aiming at a widespread audience.

‘…need…’ — Let’s be honest, nobody needs a blog, let alone this one. I’m not pretending for one minute that anyone needs anything that comes from my keyboard.

So why am I here? I am here to outline my ‘strange experiences with American Evangelicalism’ (to quote Rob at Beggars All), to vent my frustrations with the status quo in Evangelical circles, and to put down some not so random thoughts.

Much of my interaction will doubtless be with Luther and Lutherans…an addiction of mine ever since being introduced to Luther in seminary (a Baptist seminary, of all ironies!). Despite my Calvinistic heritage and upbringing of over 30 years, the more I read Luther the more I agree with him and see some shortcomings with historic Reformed theology. But I’m not Lutheran, yet…

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