“Episcopalian” and “Discernment”…Together?

Remember back in the late summer of 2004 when then-Governor James McGreevey of New Jersey resigned in the midst of controversy surrounding his homosexual affair with the man he hired as the Homeland Security Adviser for the state of New Jersey? Despite the fact that his ‘coming out’ was celebrated by the left as a bold move of personal integrity, Mr. McGreevey demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was a completely selfish individual with no personal integrity in that a) he cheated on and left his wife and daughter, b) he placed an otherwise unqualified individual into a sensitive and highly-important government position, and c) did so for competely personal reasons while wantonly endangering the citizens of New Jersey. In case we ever needed an example of a self-centered individual with no problem breaking the trust of his family and those individuals over which he had been elected to protect (for starters)…here’s one.

Not even three years later, Mr. McGreevey is back in the spotlight. After abandoning his Catholic roots (not surprisingly over moral issues), he has joined St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church in Manhattan. Coinciding with this public display, the church’s oldest seminary, General Theological Seminary in New York, has announced Mr. McGreevey’s entry into the ‘discernment’ phase preceding his admission into the Master of Divinity program this fall. In other words, he is beginning his ‘journey’ toward becoming an Episcopal priest.

In light of all this, can we safely use the two terms ‘Episcopalian’ and ‘discernment’ in same sentence anymore? I guess not…


One thought on ““Episcopalian” and “Discernment”…Together?

  1. Keep in mind that it is not ALL episcopalian churches that behave in such a manner, and keep in mind also that the larger Anglican church that was the root of Episcopal traditions has still not authorized or accepted ordination of homosexuals yet. There is also the “Anglican Church of North America” which has branched off from the American Episcopal church as a result of these kinds of decisions.

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