Why we fight…

For the past few weekends, I’ve been posting some humor for the purpose of a-musement…but this week, I’m going to broach a much more thoughtful subject, the Global War on Terror. From time to time people will ask me, “For what are we fighting?” Usually, we expect a standard answer from among the litany: oil, democracy, freedom, revenge, etc. I would like, however, to rephrase the question because I think it is normally asked incorrectly. The question should not be, “For what are we fighting?” but “For whom are we fighting?”

I made this video to answer the latter question, and I think it does so beautifully. The words of the music also fit perfectly–Kyrie eleison…Lord have mercy.

Disclaimer: Making this movie consisted primarily of organizing photos from another presentation and setting it to music. The real work was done by our troops who took these pictures wherever they happened to be.


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