“Deployment” time!!!

All right folks, time to for BCC 07B to grab our rucks and ‘deploy’ from Maxwell AFB, AL, to Tyndall AFB, FL. For the next five days, our chaplains and chaplain assistants will be heading to Silver Flag, an Air Force civil engineering training function to train on deployment planning and execution. For the most part, things will run exactly like a real deployment, except that we’re heading out by Greyhound at 0530 on Sunday instead of by plane.Deployment...

Once we hit the ground, we’ll be setting up our living/chapel tents, creating ministry plans, and heading out among the troops to minister to them…just as we would in a real-world deployment.

While the experience will be totally new to many of the folks here, some of us are accustomed to Air Force camping deployments, so we’re looking forward to long days, hard work, and a great time! That said, I’m leaving my trusty computer in AL, so there won’t be anything to read here until next Friday when I’ll make an update on the week’s activities.

Have a great week!


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