Amusement (7 July)

With our trip coming up in less than 48 hours, it’s definitely time for a little levity and a-musement around here!! In keeping with a Ukrainian theme, I found this Ukrainian Army recruiting video on YouTube that is pretty funny. The video itself is a trip, even without understanding a word of the language…but I found a transcript for it, which is absolutely hilarious. Enjoy!!

Transcript: (editorial comments in italics are mine)

Girl 1: Would you take us for a ride on your BMW?
BMW-driver: Even to the end of the world!
Assault vehicle rolls up…
Soldier: Hey,I’d like to drown some vodka, girls!
Girl 1: Just a second!
Girls surround soldier with drinks…
Girl 2: Where do you live?
Soldier: Right here- daytime at work, and at night in the clubs!
Sooooo smoooooth…
Girl 1: Which work???
Soldier: Contract of course!
Blonde girl: Contract?? marriage contract or what?
Girl 3: Army contract, stupid!
Assault vehicle drives off with girls in pursuit…
BMW driver: Hey, don’t you wanna ride on my car?
Girls: Forget it, take yourself for a ride!
Narrator: It’s about time for new heroes! with contract based service in Ukrainian armed forces!

Sure beats “An Army of One,” doesn’t it?!?


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