A Foggy Morning Illustration

This morning as I went outside, I was greeted by the first foggy morning we’ve had in a while. As I listed to the words of the Kyrie of one of Schubert’s masses playing softly (Kyrie eleison; Christe eleison; Kyrie eleison…Lord have mercy; Christ have mercy; Lord have mercy), I was struck by what an awesome illustration I was seeing unfold before my eyes…


There is a lot of heavy construction going on around our exit from I-45, and the torn up ‘gumbo soil’ is pretty ugly–black, mucky, full of sticks, etc. But the fog, sitting low over the ground, perfectly covered the ugliness, hiding it and making it a sight of beauty. In the same way, the righteousness of Christ covers the ugliness and wickedness of our sin and makes us a beautiful sight for our Father to behold.

A wonderfully simple picture…(Ps 19.1ff)


2 thoughts on “A Foggy Morning Illustration

  1. Delete that…I meant…THANKS!!!! 🙂 Beautiful pic and entry! Funny how just a little change of light…or fog…can change an entire landscape and the way you look at things.

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