It is time for one of those uniquely American holidays, Thanksgiving. A time to gather round the table and thank God for the bounty of the land over the past year and his gracious hand of Providential care over all aspects of our lives. How better to ponder these gifts than with a poem…and how even better to think on God’s grace humbly than through the words of a child, our 10-year old daughter. Ali penned these words yesterday:


Thanksgiving is a time of thanks,
A time of singing praise.
It’s a time of being happy
In all different sorts of ways.

A time of seeing family,
A time of seeing friends,
A time of eating turkey,
How I hope it never ends!

The stuffing’s by the turkey
And the gravy’s by the rolls.
Does everybody have a plate?
Do I need to pass out bowls?

Now everybody’s seated
Let s give a prayer to God
For all the things he gave us
And for sending down His Son.

For love and friends and family
And lots of things to do,
For peace and joy and blessings,
And time to spend with you!

To my American readers, ‘Happy Thanksgiving!’ May we not lose sight of the roots of this holiday and fail to spend time thanking our Heavenly Father for the riches of his mercy lavished on us. To those outside the States, may you be pleased to spend time giving thanks to God who has so richly blessed us in every way through Christ Jesus our Lord. The peace of Christ to you all!

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Th 5:18).


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