A Daily Prayer for Wednesday

For the past couple of months, I have been using Concordia’s most recent edition of the Lutheran Book of Prayer as part of my morning devotions and prayer. There is a section of daily prayers that covers the span of one month, and while they are all excellent, from time to time a prayer will especially resonate with me. This morning was one of those prayers:

Lord God, You have given me another day, a day to live in Your service and for the good of my fellowmen, I am indeed a poor tool in Your hand and deserving to be cast aside. Forgive me all my sins for Jesus’ sake, and by Your Spirit grant me the fitness to work for You this day. I beseech You to make me mindful, dear Lord, that I am but a stranger and a pilgrim in this present world. Let me not devote my efforts today to purposes unworthy of You; let me not gather treasures merely for this world; let me not serve mammon. This life is but a vain show; let me not search for an abiding city here. But, Lord, fasten my heart and hope on the life that is in You, and let my strivings and desires be directed to the treasures of Your love. As long as I am in the land of my pilgrimage, hold my hand, Lord; keep me from every straying path. If I should stumble in sinful weakness, grant me repentance and faith; for Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Thanks be to God! Amen.


One thought on “A Daily Prayer for Wednesday

  1. Blessings for Epiphany. I followed a “possibly automatically generated” link and landed here. Thanks for sharing the Wednesday prayer. I’ve been posting Morning prayer sort of presbyterian style for the past 50 or so days, mainly to get myself back in the habit.

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