A Note on My Luther Quotes

The question hasn’t been asked yet, so let me take a moment to ask and answer it myself.  “What edition of Luther’s Works are you quoting here?”  In my “Luther on…” posts, which I’m drawing exclusively (so far) from Faith Alone, a excellent collection of Luther selections edited by James Galvin.  This volume uses the German edition of Luther’s works translated specifically into contemporary English by a group of translators and stylists.  I don’t necessarily think these renderings are better or worse than the traditional American Edition–it just so happens that I carry this little edition with me everywhere, so it’s handy.

In an effort to trace these quotes back to the American Edition (for all of you who want to run and read more Luther), I shall start cross-referencing my quotes to LW.  In fact, I have gone back and edited my last two posts to do just that.  Enjoy!

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