Chrysler’s “Thank You” Note

On their corporate blog, Chrysler sent America a big end-of-year Thank You note for the Christmas present, I mean massive welfare check we recently gave them.  “Thank you for investing in Chrysler – America’s Car Company,” they write…yadda, yadda, yadda.  Fortunately, the post is short, so there’s little time to get completely sick to your stomach.  The fun part comes in the comments, where the American public proceeds to complete FLAME Chrysler and rip them a new hole we can pour money into.

Read the post and comments here…

Since our elected representatives completely failed to speak for the people, at least Chrysler had the decency to let the people’s voice be heard!

BTW, Mr. Nardelli, since I have now invested in Chrysler (your words), as an investor I will expect a sweet divident check soon…and as a shareholder, I expect the opportunity to vote for your termination at the next shareholder’s meeting.


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