The Future of the Lutheran Church

If the Lutheran Church has a future, it will be as the Lutheran Church. It will not be as imitation Baptists, Presbyterians, or anything else. If people are to become, remain, and rejoice in being Lutheran, it is because they understand the distinctively Lutheran way of being Christian. Being Lutheran is an evangelical catholic and catholic evangelical way of being in unity with the entire Church of Christ.  The present state of American Lutheranism is not just “not satisfactory.” It is a sickness unto death. The alternative is not beating the drums to revive flagging spirits, nor is it to move evangelism a few notches up on the bureaucratic agenda.   The alternative is renewal — theological, pastoral, sacramental, catechetical.  The alternative is to be something that others might have some reason to join.

Richard John Neuhaus, 1986 (quoted in Forum Letter March 09)

HT: Pr Matt Harrison


1 thought on “The Future of the Lutheran Church

  1. I’m sending this link out to 2 email lists of mine. I hope it gets you some readers. One thing I like about Geberding is his ability to quote men who are not Lutheran in his pastoral theology without disdain! He is distinctively reformational but can acknowledge good in principle where he sees it. For example he is not against the Sunday School per se unless it usurps the catechesis of home and church. I’m still reading both books in snippets. As I’ve told you before it’s very congenial to some versions of Reformed thought.

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