‘Rise Above the Noise’ by @artofminimalism

Mike Donghia has recently released his first e-book titled, “Rise Above the Noise.”  In it, he describes the ‘noise’ that clutters and fills much of our lives…but more importantly, he teaches how we might “Rise Above the Noise” through simple living.  Unlike many of the recent books on simplicity and minimalism, Mike spends less time than most on the ‘hows’ of simplicity (though he certainly does write about that), focusing more on the ‘whys’ of a simple life.

It is his story of the ‘why’ that makes this work so appealing and sets it apart from the others.  His to-the-point writing style makes for a quick, convincing read and a compelling advocacy of simplicity.  If you’re looking for a list of “100 Things You Should Do to Simplify Your Life,” you won’t find it here.  What you will find, and what we are indebted to Mike for reminding us of, is a focus on the real benefits to be found from simplifying our lives.  Pruning the busyness of life is about so much more than creating idle time to do nothing.  Mike points out the true benefits of simplicity/minimalism, including healthy relationships, time for creativity, personal growth, and contentment, among others.

You can read more about his book, check out other reviews, and get your own copy of “Rise Above the Noise” at The Art of Minimalism.

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