slavery and St. Patrick’s day

In the revelry that goes along with St. Patrick’s day, we would do well to remember one critical fact about the patron saint of Ireland…St. Patrick was a child slave.

Those who remember today only as an excuse to dye rivers green, consume rivers of green beer, wear green, and engage in other mostly juvenile shenanigans would do well to remember the 27 million modern-day slaves in the world today.

  • St. Patrick was one of them.  
  • St. Patrick broke free.  
  • St. Patrick changed the course of Irish history (and by extension much of the west) forever. 

More than that, we should all take advantage of that sobering reality to learn more about the issues and take action to put an end to it.  For starters, go to Free the Slaves to learn just how how horrible and widespread slavery is today—spoiler: it is far more of a problem today than it ever was is 19th century America.  And it isn’t just an overseas problem.  Slavery exists right here in the USA today.

We have the power to set the captives free.

We have the power to end slavery in our generation.

Now that would be something I’d raise a pint of green beer to celebrate!


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