‘us’ and ‘them’

We recently returned from a life-changing week in Ethiopia preparing for our next adoption.  Between hours of lucidity and sleepiness as my mind reels from culture shock and jet lag, I’ve put together some ideas on the differences between “us” and “them”:

We worry about which of our designer clothes to wear today;
They worry about whether their patched rags will last another day.

We worry about what brand of bottled water we should buy;
They worry about how sick the water they’ve gathered will make them.

We worry about whether our children will get on the “right” Little League team;
They worry about whether their children will one day have shoes.

We worry about what restaurant we should take our kids to tonight;
They worry about if they’ll be able to feed their children today.

We worry about getting our children into the “right” college;
They worry about their children living into adulthood.

We worry about what others will think when they look at us;
They worry about if anyone will look at them and care.

We pray that Jesus would remove the burdens we carry from our backs;
They pray that Jesus would give them stronger backs to bear their burdens.

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