stumbling along: thoughts on worship

For the times when we have…
…read the liturgy extra quickly to get on with our day,
…used a shorter creed just because it was shorter,
…omitted lectionary readings because they were too long,
…skipped verses in our hymns because we didn’t want to sing that much,
Lord, have mercy.

For the times when we have…
…changed historic prayers for the sake of worldly political correctness,
…edited the creeds instead of taking the time to explain them,
…littered our sermons with jokes for a quick laugh and personal approval,
…caved to the false god of relevance at the expense of faithfulness,
Lord, have mercy.

O Lord, “we see things imperfectly as in a cloudy mirror,” and we stumble.

Our worship looks less like the communion of the saints than it does children at daycare.

We are selfish about our preferences,
impatient when you have called us to be still,
immature when you have exhorted us to maturity,
concerned more about ourselves than you or others.

As a loving Father, have mercy on your children until we “see everything with perfect clarity.”


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