be our Prince of Peace

Lord, we know of the cruelties of war shown to us vividly in video clips. Yet, we are unable and sometimes unwilling to be peacemakers. O God, come and save us. Be our Prince of peace. Amen.

The Daily Texts for 9 Jan 12, Moravian Church in North America

modern-day slavery: Adrian Peterson vs. reality

Adrian Peterson Owners

Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings compared the labor situation in the NFL to “modern-day slavery,” putting to rest any questions the world may have had about the utter absurdity and irrelevance of American professional athletics.  As a friend of mine pointed out:

I guess if slavery involved making millions of dollars a year, having adults across the country praising you, and kids dreaming about being you — yeah, that sounds a lot like slavery to me. (read more here)

Perhaps Mr. Peterson and others like him would do well to consider the true realities of modern-day slavery and use their power, influence, and vast wealth to do something about it instead of using their voice to whine about how hard it is to make ends meet on only a nine million dollar annual salary.

For the record, I don’t agree with the tactics of NFL management in the current situation, but calling it slavery makes a mockery of the lives of millions in the world today (not to mention those in the past).

Maybe, for starters, Peterson and others could go here, learn something, and then act: