CoD Part 8, Carefree Simplicity

As 2007 rapidly draws to a close, the web and other media outlets are abuzz with a flurry of predictions about 2008. From $5/gallon gasoline to the American presidential race to war in the Middle East, it seems everyone has something to say about the year that hasn’t even yet begun. Regardless of what you read, however, the predictions (no matter how seemingly far-fetched) often breed more anxiety than comfort…even for those whose hope rests on Christ. The situation is perfect for my last post on Bonhoeffer’s Cost of Discipleship (at least for a while). This time, let us take a quick look at his chapter on the last few verses of Matthew 6 titled, “The Simplicity of the Carefree Life.”

Bonhoeffer begins with his typically engrossing prose and writes:

The life of discipleship can only be maintained so long as nothing is allowed to come between Christ and ourselves-neither the law, nor personal piety, nor even the word. The disciple always looks only to his master, never to Christ and the law, Christ and religion, Christ and the world.

So far, so good. It doesn’t take long though until we reach this bombshell, which drops from the sky onto our spoiled American selves like a twenty megaton nuclear blast:

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